Technical Support


ENOCHS Technical Support Saves Time

Diagnosing and troubleshooting table problems can be quite time-consuming and tedious which can result in a high cost to facilities’ overall operating expense.

ENOCHS Technical Support Team is available to assists with better care, maintenance and repair of ENOCHS products that will help extend the service life and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership of the product.

ENOCHS offers a person-to-person technical resource during normal business hours. Benefits to facility and Bio Engineering staff include:

  • Information on the use, operation, and maintenance of ENOCHS tables.
  • Direction for repair technicians on troubleshooting and repair procedures
  • Assistance getting replacement parts for ENOCHS table models built from 1987 to present 
  • Help in locating reputable repair services in your area

Contact us with any questions regarding use or repair of our products. 


FAX: 260-359-2004

Angie Carel