RESOLUTE Order Information


RESOLUTE tables ship complete with top securely attached to base – ready to use. No Assembly Required other than connecting the power cord. When ordering tables, designate Base Color and Upholstery Top Color. Contact ENOCHS Customer Service for help with custom upholstery and color combinations not listed.


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ENOCHS Cat. No Base Top
6250-PGSM Pearl Grey Smoke
6250-PGWW Pearl Grey Windsor Wine
6250-PGCB Pearl Grey Cambridge Blue
6250-PGNI Pearl Grey Ninja
6250-PGOJ Pearl Grey Ocean Jade
6250-PGBL Pearl Grey Black
6250-CWFN Cream White Fawn
6250-CWWW Cream White Windsor Wine
6250-CWCB Cream White Cambridge Blue
6250-CWNI Cream White Ninja
6250-CWOJ Cream White Ocean Jade
6250-CWBL Cream White Black

ENOCHS Cat. No Base Top
6220-PGSM Pearl Grey Smoke
6220-PGWW Pearl Grey Windsor Wine
6220-PGCB Pearl Grey Cambridge Blue
6220-PGNI Pearl Grey Ninja
6220-PGOJ Pearl Grey Ocean Jade
6220-PGBL Pearl Grey Black
6220-CWFN Cream White Fawn
6220-CWWW Cream White Windsor Wine
6220-CWCB Cream White Cambridge Blue
6220-CWNI Cream White Ninja
6220-CWOJ Cream White Ocean Jade
6220-CWBL Cream White Black

ENOCHS Cat. No Base Top
6210-PGSM Pearl Grey Smoke
6210-PGWW Pearl Grey Windsor Wine
6210-PGCB Pearl Grey Cambridge Blue
6210-PGNI Pearl Grey Ninja
6210-PGOJ Pearl Grey Ocean Jade
6210-PGBL Pearl Grey Black
6210-CWFN Cream White Fawn
6210-CWWW Cream White Windsor Wine
6210-CWCB Cream White Cambridge Blue
6210-CWNI Cream White Ninja
6210-CWOJ Cream White Ocean Jade
6210-CWBL Cream White Black